Harbour Sweets & Treats

Welcome to ‘Harbour Sweets and Treats’ located on the historic harbour in the coastal town of Arbroath. Our shop sells a wide range of modern and retro sweets, as well as children’s selections, candy floss, rock and lollipops (big and small).

When you think of a traditional sweet shop, what comes to mind? Memories of visiting your local shop with the pocket money from your parents, hoping to get your favourite sweet or toffee. We have aimed to reignite your memories, get your taste buds tingling and make your experience as enjoyable as possible as you browse our extensive choice of retro and traditional sweets.

Whether you are choosing your old favorite sweets for yourself or wanting to introduce someone younger to the delights of Flying Saucers, Edinburgh Rock and Chocolate Chewing Nuts, you will find everything you are looking for at our delightful waterside shop.

We also offer our delicious, freshly made hot donuts. Choose from our choice of sugars, or sauces as part of a tear and share. Not to mention, our hot waffles with a wide choice of sauces, cream and different toppings.

All these can be accompanied by one of our speciality coffees, tea and hot chocolate. So why not come down and give us a try, we look forward to meeting you.