Arbroath Smokies on 1980′s TV programme

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Arbroath Smokies on national television, back in the 1980s

This is a film from the 1980s depicting the traditional fishing industry in Arbroath, with interviews of local fishermen, views of the fish market, and showing traditional methods of smoking the Arbroath Smokies.

Arbroath SmokiesThere are a number of fish shops around Arbroath, all selling Arbroath Smokies. They are well worth having! Beautifully smoked fish, gorgeous to have for any meal of the day, or even a snack!

Arbroath Smokies – vacuum packed to take home!

A few of the fish shops in Arbroath will also vacuum pack your Arbroath Smokies for you to take home with you. They can last up to a couple of weeks so you can enjoy the unique taste of the Arbroath Smokie when you get home, and maybe share with friends or family. :)

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Arbroath Smokies are a speciality of the town of Arbroath, Angus, Scotland.…

Arbroath Smokies

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Video of Arbroath Smokies

A video created by Arbroath Smokies Direct showing how Arbroath Smokies are made and the best way to prepare Arbroath Smokies.

History of the Arbroath Smokies

Arbroath SmokiesThe Arbroath Smokie originated in the small fishing village of Auchmithie, 3 miles North-East of Arbroath. Local legend has it that a store caught fire one night, destroying barrels of haddock preserved in salt. The following morning, the people found that some of the barrels had caught fire, cooking the haddock inside. Inspection revealed the haddock to be quite tasty. It’s much more likely that the villagers were of Scandinavian descent[citation needed] as the ‘Smokie making’ process is similar to smoking methods which are still employed in areas of Scandinavia[citation needed].
Towards the end of the 19th century, as Arbroath’s fishing industry died, the Town Council offered the fisherfolk from Auchmithie land in an area of the town known as the fit o’ the toon. It also offered them use of the modern harbor. Much of the Auchmithie population therefore relocated, bringing the Arbroath Smokie recipe with them. Today, some 15 local businesses produce Arbroath Smokies, selling them in major supermarkets in the UK and online.
In 2004 the European Commission registered the designation “Arbroath Smokies” as a Protected Geographical Indication under the EU’s Protected Food Name Scheme, acknowledging its unique status.

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