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Lunan Bay – Gorgeous Beach


lunan bayBeach at Lunan Bay

Lunan Bay is a gorgeous secluded beach just north of Arbroath, about a 15 minute drive away. The beautiful sandy beach and high dunes make for a great day out from Arbroath. It really feels like you are in another world, with the wide curving beach, the Red Castle on the hill, and the windy wooden path leading you through the dunes from the car park!

One of my favourite things in Scotland is to walk along that wooden slatted pathway, un the slope, and the moment of anticipation as the view opens up and you see the white sandy beach, the North Sea open up all around you, and stand at the top, wind blowing in your face and just take the whole scene in!

In younger years I would then take a running jump down the dunes, enjoying that moment of flying before landing softly on the sand and sliding down!

Often you’ll get a treat and see some horses being ridden at the edge of the Sea, and seals and even dolphins are a possibility! Bring your binoculars!

Lunan Bay is a wonderful place for a picnic, or a beach BBQ. It can be a bit exposed, so expect a bit of wind – block the wind if you prefer a sand free sandwich. 🙂

Contact Harbour Nights Guest House to book your stay, and ask Bill and Sunita for directions to Lunan Bay.